CEDIA Adjusts Benchmarking Survey Format

CEDIA said Thursday that it will change the submission format for its annual Benchmarking Survey. This year, there will be two different surveys and reports, with the first survey opening this week.

The first of the two surveys – open now at this link– will cover staffing, compensation, and benefits with the second survey dealing with finance, operations, and marketing and begins April 2.

“We received a lot of feedback that it was difficult for business owners to find time to sit down and complete the entire survey. Splitting the survey into two parts will simplify and shorten the process,” Erica Shonkwiler, Senior Director of Research for CEDIA, said as part of the announcement.

“We’ve also scheduled the first survey around the issuing of W2s so company owners don’t have to go digging for compensation information as they should have it readily available for tax purposes.”

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