CEDIA Elections: Get Your Vote Out Today

This industry is full of passionate leaders who are constantly moving this industry forward. One distinguished group of influential leaders is the CEDIA Board of Directors. These leaders continually connect with members to make sure that CEDIA’s defining principles remain relevant and are adaptable to members’ changing needs.

The CEDIA Board also defines the association’s vision and identifies its strategic direction. In short these leaders help define the future of CEDIA.
Now it is your turn to give your input and cast your vote in the CEDIA Board of Directors elections.

It is time to decide who should be leading CEDIA into the future. Before you vote please take a moment to consider who would make a significant contribution to the future of CEDIA…and the industry as a whole.

Up until the day the election closes, CEDIA will highlight each candidate once a week on the CEDIA Blog. In case you missed it, check out the current profiles:

Federico Bausone
Bob Brown
Henry Clifford
Dennis Erskine
Mark Hodges

Voting for the 2013 Board of Directors is easy. Simply click here, log-in, and cast your vote. Every vote counts, it’s time to make yours today before the October 22 deadline!

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