Cobra Founder Korn Dies at 92

Carl Korn, who in 1948 founded the company that would become Cobra Electronics, passed away. Korn was 92 years old.

Cobra began as a TV repair business, originally called Central Television Service Company. The company, later known as Dynascan, went on to develop the first CB radio in the 1950s, before changing its name and becoming a consumer electronics company in the 1980s.

Korn retired as CEO in 1985 and remained as chairman through 2008.

“Carl Korn created and guided a legendary company, serving as a true embodiment of innovation among his peers,” CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro said in a statement. “He provided support to CEA in many ways, especially by encouraging the participation of Cobra’s leadership within CEA.”

“Cobra, which started as a small television repair business in Carl’s garage, now sells products in more than 75 countries and 55,000 storefronts. We thank Carl for his service to CEA and the CE industry and for setting an example of entrepreneurship for us all.”

See Korn’s obituary in the Chicago Tribune for funeral information.

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