Cobra Completes Omni-Channel Strategy

Aim is to bring together qualified consumers and authorized retailers

Last year, Cobra Electronics hammered down its Cobra 2.0 strategy in which the company honed its product line around four key categories (the professional driver, the driving enthusiast, the outdoor recreationist and marine) targeted three prime selling seasons (new releases geared for first-quarter launch, the dads-and-grads late spring and summer season, and the back-to-school and holiday seasons), and established a new authorized retailer program. One major piece, however, was missing: an omni-channel strategy.

Cobra entered 2014 CES with that piece in place. Its new omni-channel platform includes a revamped website, an up-to-date dealer locator and local store pick-up for products bought online.

“Now, as soon as we launch a product, we can bring it to retailers and consumers,” Mark Karnes, Cobra’s vice president of business development, said this week at CES. “It helps to put customers through the retailer’s door with pre-sold product.”

An omni-channel approach is all about letting consumers easily find and buy products from whatever device they’re using whenever they want, choose the most convenient delivery option, and pay for it with whatever method they’re most comfortable with. To develop its omni-channel platform, Cobra worked with Shopatron for multi-channel shipping and inventory management, Channel IQ on brand and channel management, on social media strategies, and its retail partners to help create a seamless shopping experience.

As part of its omni-channel approach, Cobra is stressing the importance of buying through authorized mobile electronics and accessories dealers to ensure consumers receive the quality products they expect. In turn, the company is making sure its retail partners have greater access to quality consumers.

“We want the consumer to know they’re buying from a trusted professional,” Karnes said. “We want the consumer to be completely tied into the retailer. And we’re doing everything we can to bring our retail partners pre-qualified customers.”

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