Control4 Offering Lighting Design Tools

Control4 this week announced that it is offering a new suite of Lighting Design and Fixture Compatibility Services for dealers. The services include system design services, a compatibility database, button engraving and backlighting and design, installation and sales tools.

“Lighting control is one of the fastest growing segments in home automation and presents massive opportunity for Dealers. The new services and tools we are unveiling today are designed to help Dealers expand their lighting business by providing best-in-class support through the entire sales cycle to final installation,” Paul Nagel, Control4 VP of Lighting and Comfort, said as part of the announcement.

“Our award-winning lighting solutions, coupled with these new tools, will help our Dealers deliver an exceptional customer experience for the most sophisticated and complex lighting projects.”

A live webcast will be held April 4 to explain the new services; dealers can sign up here.

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