CustomRetailer and CEDIA Webinar A Huge Success

All Attendee Questions To Be Answered Online

Wednesday’s joint CEDIA/CustomRetailer webinar, titled “CEDIA 2.0. Looking Forward. Moving Ahead. Increasing Your Bottom Line,” was a huge success, drawing 430 registrants. The live event also drew more than 60 questions, all of which were either answered directly by a CEDIA Board or staff person or will be answered by the beginning of next week.

CustomRetailer will be reporting on the attendees questions and answers in the days ahead, which will be featured in the CustomRetailer Today newsletter and on

The webinar was designed to detail a strategic plan that encompassed five topics: CEDIA EXPO/Education, Education/Resource Center, Research Initiatives (allowing ESCs and other members to make smarter business decisions), Consumer website and Dynamic Finder Service Supported by Organic and Paid SEO, and the Grassroots Outreach Instructor Program. It was also an opportunity for the attendees to fire off no-holds barred questions to the assembled panelists.

The event’s panelists were Federico Bausone, Chairman, CEDIA; Michael Creeden, CEDIA Board Member, of M+R Digital Innovations, Inc.; Ben Komar, CEDIA Education Volunteer, of Komar Associates Inc.; Peter Shipp, CEDIA Board Member, of ZIO Group, LLC.; Randy Stearns, Immediate Past Chairman; and Don Gilpin, CEDIA’s COO, along with moderator Maureen Jenson.

Afterwards, the webinar was rated as valuable by over 90 percent of attendees, while 28 percent requested that CEDIA get in touch to share more of the 2012 strategic plan. For those who were unable to attend, a free archived version of the event will be posted Thursday at 2:00 pm EST on, in the webinar section.

CustomRetailer extends a heartfelt thank you to sponsors AVAD, Panamax/Furman BlueBolt, BitWise and RTI.

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