Da Vinci Group Adds SpringDeck Software

The Da Vinci Group announced Tuesday that it is making SpringDeck software available to all of its dealers, sales reps and partners.

“We’ve seen many great products and services designed to help a dealer increase efficiency and operations,” Da Vinci Group CEO Daniel Kippycash said in a statement.

“However there hasn’t been much in the way of helping a dealer’s ability to improve their images, presentation or assist in closing new business. The commitment of The DaVinci Group has always been to be the best partner to our dealers. Not to throw money at the biggest parties or give away some SWAG at the trade shows. When I saw the demo of SpringDeck I was blown away. This is a tool to help a dealer increase sales, improve their client presentation, provide amazing analytics and help close business. We thought so much of this product and service that we decided to invest in our dealers and purchase this software license for every single one of our dealers, sales reps and partners.”

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