D&H Launches Sales Initiative for Microsoft Vista

To prepare dealers for expected shipments of “hundreds of thousands” of Microsoft Vista units and related products, D&H Distributing is launching training sessions, developing bundled packages and offering rebates and other promotions during its February “Vista Sales Driver” initiative.

“Vista is one of the most anticipated launches in years. If dealers are prepared, they’ll find significant opportunities for upgrades, cross-sales and new business,” said Dan Schwab, vice president of marketing at D&H. “We’re giving our customers as much information and as many competitive tools as possible to help them maximize sales during the launch.”

The initiatives include exclusive rebated bundles built around Vista OEM products and system components, such as memory, hard drives, LCD displays, multi-core CPUs and graphic cards. The promotions run until February 28 and apply to products from such manufacturers as Kingston, Western Digital, ViewSonic, Intel, AMD, ATI and others. Go to www.dandh.com/salesdrivers for specific rebate information.

D&H also has been offering ongoing Vista training sessions to CE dealers, retailers, e-tailers, integrators, and VARs at its various trade show events, providing sales strategies and product information.

D&H’s upcoming West Coast Technology Show on February 15 (Industry Hills, Calif.) features the presentation, “Microsoft Vista and Office 2007: Your Multi-Million Dollar Opportunity.” Each D&H sales rep. undergoes five hours of Vista training, so they can to act as consultants to their accounts. For additional information regarding Vista, Office and Vista-compatible third party products, log onto www.dandh.com and access the distributor’s Microsoft “mini-site.”

Despite the many questions that have been raised about the new operating system, D&H expects to move hundreds of thousands of Vista and Vista-related units once the launch is officially underway.

“Whether it’s being voiced or not, we’re already seeing a strong demand,” Schwab said. “We want to position our customers to capitalize on what could be a watershed moment.”