D&H Encourages Super Bowl TV Sales

D&H Distributing this week urged its dealers to use the upcoming Super Bowl, Olympics and NCAA Tournament to push sales of products, especially high-end TVs.

“D&H likes to encourage its dealers to take advantage of unique marketing opportunities, and an exciting sports season such as this one creates a terrific angle,” Rob Eby, D&H’s vice president of purchasing, said in a statement issued Wednesday.

“The industry is waiting for prices on Ultra TVs to reach more mainstream levels. Until then, D&H offers stunning fidelity in large-screen 1080p displays. The dimensions and clarity of these models make the games more realistic and thrilling, creating a great draw for consumers at an affordable cost.”

Products mentioned specifically included NEC’s 65-inch 1080p LED-LCD HDTV and Samsung’s 60-inch LED 1080p display, as well as Microsoft’s Xbox One.

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