Dealerscope’s 2014 Hall of Fame

Driving Growth and Change

The inductees into this year’s Dealerscope Hall of Fame work in several different sides of the CE industry, but they all share a penchant for growth. Whether it’s multiplying their company’s sales, helping partners increase revenue and profitability, or attracting a larger audience to benefit from all the industry has to offer, these CE luminaries have gone above and beyond to excel in their given markets. Don’t expect any of them to rest on their laurels.

Start with Tim Baxter. He has risen to the top of the Samsung ladder but still sees more rungs to climb. “The challenge is how to keep the growth engine growing,” Baxter told us. “We’re a $200-billion company but we’re still expected to grow. How do you do that?”

One of the most important ways is to take the time to listen to, work with and nurture the independent and regional dealers that are the backbone of the CE industry. Baxter and our other nominees do that, which is one of the main criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Gregg Richard, president of P.C. Richard & Sons, stressed those characteristics when asked to give a few reasons why Baxter should be honored by the industry. “Tim’s an executive who truly cares about our partnership, our business together, helping to make it grow, finding out the challenges we have and pushing the people in his organization to make the partnership with P.C. Richard the best he can,” Richard said.

The same can be said of Jeannette Howe, executive director of Specialty Electronics Nationwide. Talk to Jeannette at any one of the many industry events she attends and the conversation will probably turn to how the industry can better serve her base of more than 470 dealers. When a positive industry change comes their way, Jeannette probably had something to do with it.

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  • David Wexler

    A common trait shared by those that I have worked with, Paul Jacobs, Jeanette Howe and Tim Baxter, is they are nice friendly people who are never to busy to share their time, even with The Little Guys!