Dealerscope’s 2014 Retail Excellence Winners: Mrs. G, Cowboy Maloney’s, MODIA and Best Buy

What makes a retailer “excellent”?

Judging by the four honorees who constitute Dealerscope’s 2014 Retail Excellence Award winners, excellence is a qualification that can be broadly applied without diluting the word’s meaning one bit.

How broadly? Best Buy, the most conspicuous dealer of our group whose stores number in the thousands across the U.S. and Canada, is the retailer whose every move is scrutinized for its import within the company itself and for the industry as a whole.

Then, there is Cowboy Maloney’s Electric City, with a dozen stores, all in the same state. As local a retailer as it is, its 60-plus-year timeline is populated with the numerous marks it has made in its role as the host for historic consumer electronics product category introductions in satellite TV and radio.

MODIA’s story is a tale of a retail chain which morphed from an A/V store into a custom integration house well before it updated its name from Home Theater Store in 2007, and then, into a reseller featuring Apple Stores-within-stores—all just natural steps in 27 years full of proactive, progressive business refreshes.

And have a look at New Jersey’s Mrs. G TV and Appliances, whose success as an appliance/electronics dealer bloomed from a plumbing supply business that grew right along with the post-WWII generation it served at its founding almost 80 years ago.

Four very unique stories they are, and four companies whose size, 2014 paths and market signatures could not be more divergent. But there is an undeniable commonality of excellence, in all its varied definitions, which binds these dealers together in the service of their customers, their vendors and their communities, and which has enabled them to adjust, survive and thrive despite the buffets of change that sweep through our business with the rapidity—and sometimes, violence—that goes along with all technological change.

Editor in chief of Dealerscope
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