Denon, Marantz Debut Atmos Products

The drumbeat of new products featuring Dolby Atmos technology continued Monday, with both Denon and Marantz debuting new products featuring the functionality.

Denon announced the AVR-X4100W and the AVR-X5200W models, both of which will arrive with Atmos in September.

The company also said that the Marantz SR7009 will arrive in September, while the AV7702 will arrive the following month, also with Atmos functionality.

“Only Dolby Atmos delivers multi-dimensional sound that fills the room to make every detail come alive, whether it is the roar of a racecar speeding around the track, the whisper of wind, or an arrow shot across the room,” Don Freeman, Vice President Global Marketing at D+M., said as part of the announcement. “It’s a ground-breaking achievement for home theaters.”

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