Digital 1 to 1 Video Photo Teacher for Retailers

With so many of your customers now upgrading from point-and-shoots to new DSLRs it’s time to put an end to all the crummy photos they are taking. After all, the more good pictures they take, the more likely they will be coming to you looking for things they can do with them.

The creators of an online photography teaching service dubbed Digital 1 to 1 ( have introduced what they are calling “the ultimate photo learning app for the iPhone and iPad.” With so many consumers now falling into the above category, it’s worth a look.

They have made their entire library of “How To Photography Videos” available as a downloadable app for the popular Apple devices. These innovative video pods, as they refer to them, are designed to help the novice take better digital photographs. The entire library is comprised of easy to follow, short video clips (around 4-6 minutes long), that tackle the basics of digital photography for owners of both point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras.

Digital 1 to 1 can be a great profit tool for your business, and the ideal product and partner to increase your bottom line.

Visit their 2012 CES booth at the Venetian, Hall D – #72249, and receive 10 free premium memberships to sample with your customers.

The Digital 1 to 1 app that is currently available for $4.99. To download the app visit and select the iPhone App button. Help your customers start taking better picture today!

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