Directed Electronics Adds Siri Control to Viper SmartStart

At 2013 CES, Directed Electronics showed off the addition of Siri capability to its Viper SmartStart Bluetooth remote start iPhone app. With Siri on an iPhone, a car can be remotely started using voice control.

The Viper SmartStart Bluetooth program has been available since May. With Viper SmartStart, the car can be locked, unlocked, and remotely started from a smartphone. The app also can give status alerts on the doors and security system.

The benefits of the Bluetooth app include a much faster response time than a cellular connection, and a low amount of battery and data use, as the app is designed to work on an alert basis, explained John Durbin, director of project management, SmartStart, Directed Electronics. The Bluetooth connection will also work in places like garages where cellular service might not reach.

The entry-level keyless program starts at $129, and add-ons including security features, build up to a complete system.

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