It Isn’t Just Car Audio, Is It?

Don’t forget the fun!

There’s one thing about car audio that is consistent—it’s fun. The whole experience sometimes has more to do with show than sound. When you get the opportunity to install a system in something other than a car, the challenges can provide a lot of fun indeed.

In my years as an installer, and many years later as a salesperson, I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in a lot of ‘different’ installs. Two of the most memorable were a boat (more like a yacht) and a van. The van was designed to be used at live radio remotes. Both were a lot of fun, and the best part was watching them in use.

This, of course, was years before video, LED lighting, and the many different cool interface technologies that exist today. I can only image what’s getting done in the field as I write this.

Seriously: Have Fun!
Sometimes the car environment can suck the life out of you. We all know it. It’s true that it is fun most of the time, and certainly it’s not as mundane as sitting in an office day after day. But the reality of the matter is that after the hundredth remote start of a season, you just want to scream. That’s why when that shiny Harley comes roaring into the lot, or a 27-foot trailer rolls around the bay, everyone stops what they’re doing to come and take a look. You just hope that the budget wasn’t extinguished with the toy, and that the owner really wants something special—not just functional.

Show Them The World
The number one thing I’ve heard from consumers—person after person, year after year—is this: “I didn’t know that was possible.” It’s the number one reason things don’t get sold: simply because no one ever told the customer. In training session after training session I’ve done, I’ve heard the same comment from salespeople: “I didn’t want to seem pushy by showing everything we could do.” Now, that might be an appropriate approach for a budget car. But change that to a boat, an RV or even a big touring motorcycle, and everything seems to change. The race to see how much stuff can be shoved into every nook and cranny seems to be the game of the week. And don’t even think of telling an installer, “I don’t think that’ll fit there,” because not only will it fit, it’ll look as if it was specifically designed for the space.