Dusting Off The Crystal Ball

As 2010 nears its end, looking at last year's predictions

As we near the end of another year I remain fascinated by the number of year-end articles that provide what they call their “crystal ball” peek into the future. Before I venture a look into what 2011 may have in store for all of us, I’d like to offer up a quick peek back at the predictions I made for 2010. Okay, so it’s not quite year-end but with Chanukah falling so early this year it has me all confused, so allow me a little latitude. Let’s see how I did.

Last year I led with my prediction that Meg Whitman would become California’s new governor and solve the state’s budget woes by putting California up for bid on eBay. Well, as all of you Nicky Diaz fans know, Meg did not become Governor. So I lose a point there. However, the opportunity still exists that California may indeed be placed on eBay for auction so I think I should get a half point there.

Next I took aim at the claims that the island of Tuvalu is sinking dangerously close to sea level and that the research surrounding all that talk would be found to be mythical. Today we have all the global warming wonks in Cancun trying to determine which research is actually believable and trusted. I think this proves my prediction to be correct so here I am giving myself a full point.

My third prediction was that a number of sponsors would drop Tiger Woods after his wife found him to be just a tad unfaithful. To this point we have had at least three sponsors jump off the Tiger train, so here again another full point.

Next I predicted that Rick Wagoner, the former CEO of General Motors, would invite the president of the United States to his home for a cook out and then fire him before the evening was concluded. I was totally wrong with this one, but feel I should be allowed a quarter of a point as the American people summarily took the president to the woodshed on Nov. 2.

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