A Farewell to Thursdays With Ed

Giving thanks in the final Sachs Report

Today is the last Sachs Report I’ll be submitting for sometime, perhaps forever. I am researching a self-published collection of “The Best of The Sachs Report.” The problem here is that my wife believes there should be more than one report if we want more than three pages between front and rear cover, but I digress.

Kidding aside, I have managed my consulting business into a position where I must become aware of any conflicts of interest with that side of the business and the Sachs Report. It was a difficult decision for me as I so enjoyed doing this along with the many new friends and enemies I was able to make along the way. I want to especially thank both of my readers for the fan club they started. This may be a crushing blow to their weekly pizza and beer parties when they would gather to read aloud the latest musings of the Sachs Report. At least the bickering over whose turn it is to buy the beer will stop.

To my dear friend and sponsor Eric Schwartz, I owe this entire experience to your vision and belief that I could actually write a weekly column. While some weeks were indeed difficult to pull together, I always gave it my best shot and tried to represent your trust in me. Your bravery for such an undertaking surely will earn you a place in the Publisher’s Hall of Fame dinner and perhaps a chapter in your book, “Some of the Dumb Things I Did in My Life.”

To Michael McEnaney, my editor and the gentleman who had to try to understand the work I presented, I owe correct syntax, dangling modifier corrections and gratitude for his willingness to do this along with the many other, more important, tasks he has on his plate every day. Mike’s wit and sense of humor are only numbed by his illogical social and political sensibilities. I can only imagine that some of my columns were eating at his liberal soft tissue. Must have been akin to the notion of Hillary Clinton being the speechwriter for George W.

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  • http://ScottPoole Scott Poole

    Say it ain’t so!!

    I enjoyed your rants. Though sad to see it end, I am glad you got out before they came and took you away.

    Best of luck going forward, and good luck in your new position.

  • http://Alex Alex

    yes we will miss it…

  • http://LouKerti Lou Kerti

    This is a voice from the past, maybe welcomed, maybe not. However I enjoyed reading your Sachs report and it often provided some levity in my day regardless if I agreed with your story or not. I always did enjoy your sense of humor and knowing and working with you for 10 years I could hear your voice and infliction as I read these.I wouldn’t doubt if many of your readers overlooked your passion and humor. I am surprised to hear that you son is off to school, time does fly. As an industtry veteran I appreciate your candor in recommending to hire some of the more experienced who worked hard and lost their jobs in this ever changing industry due to no fault of their own. We have many mutal friends that are still searching for their next position. All the best to you.

  • http://GaryGarner Gary Garner

    Say it ain’t so! Just when I was finally finding the true meaning of retirement -sending out nasty replies to your reports!
    Just kidding! I have truly enjoyed reading each and every one – commenting on a few and just taking in the rest. I have printed each one for reference. I found all to be thought provoking, informative, and even beneficial.
    I am aware of your most recent venture into the 12-volt world, so let’s just say that I wish you the very best in that and hope to see you again at some event soon.
    Thanks for your contributions in the past, your staying in touch via this medium, and for what I know will be your valuable leadership in the years to come. Happy New Year!

    Gary Garner, CEO (Retired)
    Garner’s Stereo Center, Inc.
    Fletcher, NC

  • http://DavidKaplan David Kaplan

    I will miss Ed’s column. I truly enjoyed his prose, even when I disagreed and looked forward to them every week.

  • http://BarrieMcCorkle Barrie McCorkle

    I truly enjoyed your reports and will miss them. They carried intelligence and satire in equal harmony. I look forward to crossing paths with you once again in the future. Until then…
    Barrie McCorkle
    Specialty Electronics Nationwide

  • http://PeterBrady Peter Brady

    I feel that I got to know you a bit more on the “human” and “personal” levels through the weeks, and perhaps the best that any writer can hope for is to say that i very much looked forward to that ping in email, that told me it was here again.

    Hope to see you in my travels.
    Nice work.