ELAN Launches Dealer Demos

ELAN Home Systems announced Wednesday that it has launched a Dealer Demo system for showroom demonstrations. The system will be showcased at the EH Expo in Orlando next month.

“Our new g! Dealer Demo System truly speaks for itself. By offering a full system at such at such an aggressive price point, we’re effectively removing the price barrier for dealers to show off the complete capabilities of the remarkable g! system,” ELAN’s manager of business development, Joe Lautner, said as part of the announcement.

“This exceptional demo package will help dealers sell more g! systems by showcasing its simplicity and vast range of features.”

According to ELAN, the system includes a controller, 7” touch screen, 4” touchpad in a tabletop mount, the brand-new HR2 remote, an amplifier, 2 tabletop SunfireĀ® speakers, a Panasonic IP camera, all the g! Pro Apps, and 5 viewer licenses to connect iPhones, iPads and computers.

See www.elanhomesystems.com for more information.

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