Electronics Brands All Over Super Bowl Ads: RadioShack, T-Mobile , Beats, Sonos, Comcast, Microsoft

There have been some recent Super Bowls in which the commercial roster was largely devoid of ads related to the consumer electronics industry. Some years, in fact, it’s just been Best Buy and maybe a TV manufacturer or two.

With Sunday’s big game, however, there were many more than that, even if Best Buy took a pass this year. A roundup:

– RadioShack announced its latest big rebranding, revealing a new store concept differing from what the stories looked like in the ’80s. So the company brought in a who’s-who of ’80s icons, from Hulk Hogan to Mary Lou Retton to the California Raisins to Cliff Clavin to ALF:

You can see all the ads at Hulu’s Ad Zone.

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