Eliott Peck, Canon USA: Satisfaction Beyond the Sale

Eliott Peck, Canon USA

The consumers’ love of preserving memories with cameras is the one constant that has always informed the direction of product development at Canon, resulting in designs that make image capture—and now, image sharing—easier. But what really sets a company like Canon apart, Peck said, is satisfaction beyond the sale.

“That goes back to the one thing I learned early in my career: keeping customers happy when things are not working well,” he said, adding that the company’s main service facilities and call center are in the U.S. “We put a tremendous emphasis on our service department. All our efforts are to help consumers make educated decisions.”

Canon’s U.S. customer service department, just a handful of people when Peck inhabited it early in his tenure, has grown to about 2,000. Its growth is part of “understanding the mindset of the consumer and reaching out to them throughout the before, during and after process of the sale,” he said.

While Peck has made an indelible mark on Canon’s U.S. history, he has also given freely of his time and expertise to ensure the continuity of the overall photo imaging business. Now active within the Consumer Electronics Association’s Digital Imaging Division, he also represented Canon for many years on the PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) board.

“[Peck] could always be counted on for his contributions to our industry,” Jerry Grossman, PMDA executive director, said. “I think Eliott always recognized that a strong, healthy photo industry was important for manufacturers and dealers alike, and he was always eager to help bring people together for the benefit of the industry.”

Peck’s activities at Canon have always been future-forward. “The thing that sticks in my mind every day that I’ve learned from Mr. Adachi is to challenge yourself, think different, and to understand how to balance what is uncontrollable—things like the economy, competitors’ business, world economics and natural disasters—with what is controllable. We constantly work with our staff to reach that balance.”

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  • rus

    Mr. Peck, are aware of the Canon SX280HS camera fiasco taking place right now on the net? Here is quote from your article:

    "That goes back to the one thing I learned early in my career: keeping customers happy when things are not working well,”

    Take a look at your web site, the 80 or so pages of complaints on the camera and what Canon has not done to fix this camera. People are sending the camera in to be fixed and it comes back the same as it was sent. The recommended firm ware upgrade doesn’t work. Maybe because you are in management and are insulated from the real world you don’t even know about this.