Energy Squad Shows Off LED Solutions, Names Ortner Sales Manager

Energy Squad, which presented itself at CEDIA Expo as the industry’s first green distributor, has officially named Wayne Ortner as Sales Manager.

An industry veteran, Ortner was a co-founder of AVAD, and has served as sales manager for a lighting control company and a home automation manufacturer.

“I think Energy Squad is perfectly positioned to bring a wonderful new business opportunity to the market,” said Ortner. “This is a perfect model with which to bring these new technologies to market, and frankly, I’m stunned at some of the high-tech products vendors are bringing to us – some of these products are light years ahead (pun intended) of the garden-variety stuff in the mass retail channels. I’m incredibly excited to add my experience in distribution management, dealer relationships and business development to the mix, and I expect this to be a very synergistic combination of personalities.”

“Wayne is a relationship guy” added Energy Squad CEO Jonathan Stovall. “When I started my A/V business Wayne and his team at AVAD treated me as a vital part of their company…even though I was small. His integrity is second to none, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Wayne around as we bring green tech to professional integrators.”

As customers are looking for energy savings, and states are offering energy rebates for green products, those willing to make the investment in energy saving technology can be shown exactly when savings will offset the cost of purchase and installation. At CEDIA Expo, Energy Squad highlighted several case studies from Bethesda Systems projects, which lowered clients’ energy bills.

Energy Squad showed off several of the latest energy saving products at CEDIA such as the Juno WarmDim, an LED light that changes color spectrum as it is dimmed, unlike most LED lights, which remain white, and the Juno Trac 12, another dimmable LED solution which can fit nicely under counters. The Switch60 liquid cooled LED bulb is a standout product; an LED bulb filled with liquid silicone, which dissipates heat and radiates light in circular pattern, for the warm look of an incandescent bulb, with the energy savings of an LED.

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  • Pedro

    Excellent choice by Energy Squad. Wayne is a real pro as well as a great guy.