Focused Energy at HTSA’s Spring Meeting

Opening to a packed house in San Diego, HTSA Managing Director Bob Hana told the more than assembled retailers, integrators and vendors about his vision for HTSA for the remainder of 2012 and into 2013.

Hana hopes for HTSA “to become our industry’s most powerful fully integrated marketing engine, designed for the specialty market and the specialty brands generating demand and new clients for the HTSA specialty retailers and custom integrators.”

Continuing on this forward look, Hana said, is to “Build HTSA ‘eyeballs’; integrate all marketing efforts to create more customers, thus generating more demand; improve on HTSA demand generating vehicles; work with vendors to coordinate marketing plans; build the HTSA database; and make it easy for HTSA members to market.”

Hana went on to welcome the group’s new members: Kiwi Audio Visual (Alan Pickering, Willie Dent); Spires Integration (Navot Shoresh); Surround Sounds (Ron McGill); Digitech (Mark Vyain) and Audio Dimensions (Russell Kim.) He also welcomed new vendors: Key Digital (Dan O’Donnell); Lenbrook America (Dean Miller, Bart Greenberg, Dave Cusick , Jim Price, Dan Coons and Jeff Talmadge); Leon Speakers (Noah Kaplan, Jonah Kaplan); Pakedge (Nick Phillips) and SunbriteTV (Anthony Bernardi.)

Keynote speaker Pat Croce, former President of the Philadelphia 76ers and renowned entrepreneur, echoed the theme of the conference with his unbridled energy, focus and passion. Croce, who came from humble beginnings and went on to resurrect the Philadelphia 76ers as an NBA contender, had plenty to say about how to achieve whatever you want in this life.

“With the power of a positive attitude you can overcome any obstacle,” Croce said. “Don’t let anyone disparage your future dreams and goals. Your thoughts of today at this conference will pave the way for your future business success.”

Indeed, this was Hana’s goal for the conference, to make it extremely useful and immediately actionable…he challenged attendees to: “Listen, Interact, Learn!”

This was evident during the first panel discussion on Outreach, where Jon Summer of Cybersound & Security pointed out some of the ways his company is winning.

“You have to make your client successful first, for example, we are teaching our customers how to use the apps that matter to them most,” Summer said. “When it comes to meeting architects, builders and interior designers, you only get 5 minutes to blow them away with your presentation of skills and what you can bring to the table if they partner with you.

Lutron’s Jeff Zemanek was also on the panel and raised several ideas to further business.

“Get to know the key real estate professionals in your area,” Zemanek said. “They are trying to differentiate the homes they sell and you can help them. Discover what value these realtors can offer to you. Lighting showrooms are a great source of clients. Lighting showrooms attract customers that will plop down 80K for a chandelier; they’ll need lighting and drapery control.

“Stay in touch with the excavators, contractors and builders that you use, they can be a great source of clients. You can become the builders best friend, they can no longer run and try to hide from technology. How about approaching the Presidents and Boards of HOAs? Most HOA presidents are trying to justify their existence and most of our products now are retrofittable. These guys have showrooms and pool houses, you can hold a demo night their…if one guy in the complex buys, they all buy.”

Look for the full HTSA spring 2012 report in the May issue of CustomRetailer.

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  • Jimmy Paschke

    Some very good ideas exchanged during this Spring’s meeting. Great attitude too! Thank you Pat Croce and members sharing aggressive tactics to drum up business (i.e, Jon Summers, Joe Barrett, and Dave Wexler to name a few).