GE Plans First Domestic “Micro-Factory”

In an effort to “create a new model for the manufacturing industry,” GE will build its first “micro-factory” in Louisville, Ky., the company announced last week.

Created in associations with Local Motors, GE will build the “FirstBuild” facility on the campus of the University of Louisville.

“To win in the appliance industry, we have to innovate faster than ever before since we are now competing with companies that apply their rapid electronic products introduction strategy to the appliance industry,” Kevin Nolan, GE Appliances’ vice president of technology, said in a statement.

“This new model will enable us to be more creative in the design and delivery of the products, and do so with lower risk and cost while drastically reducing the time from mind to market. FirstBuild will also enable us to move select products to larger scale production with more confidence because they will have been vetted by the new platform first.”

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