GE Shows a Glimpse of the Future at Science Museum

Concepts for GE's Home 2025 on display

Kitchen products that order milk and eggs for you automatically. Sensors that measure your blood pressure based on a thumbprint. And even the holy grail of laundry- a machine that washes and dries clothes all in one shot.

Those are among the home appliance innovations that may be part of our homes in the not-too-distant future. And concepts of all those and more are on display at the GE Appliances Home 2025 exhibition at the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, Pa.

We visited the exhibit last week and got a look at what’s on the horizon in 11 years- or possibly even sooner.

Da Vinci Center marketing head Dennis Zehner and education manager Jonathan Shearer said that they brought the exhibit to Allentown as part of the museum’s “Year of Innovation”; it had previously debuted at an art museum in Kentucky.

The exhibition, featuring mockups of the various products and concepts, focused on the “uberdevice,” Zehner said, from that combined washer/dryer to a bedroom concept- right out of “Clueless”- that provides digital matches for clothes.

Other applications include functionality for seniors, including handling medications and even measuring blood pressure and sugar through a thumbprint.

Also featured was a kitchen concept in which the indoor table wheels out onto the outside deck. And of course, there was some 3D printing, including dog food (there’s no 3D-printed human food, at least not yet.)

None of this is certain to happen, of course.

“We may see some of this, but [for now] it’s all about imagination,” Shearer said.

Here’s a video released by GE showcasing the concepts:

The GE exhibit will run at the Da Vinci Science Center through April.

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  • Tom

    The one unit washer-dryer is not a new idea, GE made one over 40 years ago. I sold them and one of my employees owned one. They used a condensing dryer system and didn’t require venting.