German Maestro Introduces QR Codes to Enhance Retail Experience

Once again at CES, German Maestro introduced a program designed to help retailers. Last year German Maestro introduced the “Ask Me” retail program to help sales people educate consumers. This year, the company is using QR codes and video so consumers can help themselves.

“What we want to have happen is for the consumer, from the time he walks into the store until he is attended to by the sales person, to be occupied with something positive about the brand and the store where the consumer is standing,” said Ray Windsor, president of German Maestro USA.

With the new program, a customer will see a QR code on display next to a German Maestro product. Scanning that QR code brings up a 90 second video introduction to the German Maestro brand and its retail partners, and then the consumer is brought to a more detailed page about the specific product.

Most of the people with whom we compete have a website where the consumer goes, and on that website it says ‘buy now,'” said Windsor. “What we want to do in our marketing endeavors is try to herd the consumers into the brick and mortar guys, because that’s where the value add comes, we believe, in delivering our brand to market.”

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