Google TV Unveiled

Collaboration with Sony, Intel sets out to marry TV, Internet

Google Thursday became the latest company to attempt a marriage of the television and Internet-connected computer, launching Google TV at its I/O developer’s conference in San Francisco.

Built around the idea that one’s TV is always the best screen for viewing media, the Google TV service, which is based on the company’s Android mobile operating system, will run on several different TVs set to arrive this year. Sony has already been announced as one partner, and Intel is providing chips for the effort, according to the New York Times, while Logitech is making a set-top box for the service.

Google TV allows easy search of both television programs and the Internet, as also can run Google’s Chrome Web browser and various Android apps on a TV.

Also at the event, Google unveiled the 2.2 version of its Android software, which is capable of running Flash-based video.

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