2011 Dealerscope Hall of Fame

Steve Tiffen, president and CEO of The Tiffen Company, has a deep admiration for the great visual artists of our time, some of whom he has met: Henri Cartier Bresson, Andrew Wyeth, Stephen Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrik, to name just a few. What makes them, and their work, so fascinating to Tiffen is that they have an ability to see what others can’t. The same can be said about Tiffen and the other five inductees in Dealerscope’s 2011 Hall of Fame.

This year’s group noticed empty niches and filled them; they spotted trends before their competitors and leveraged them; they saw opportunity where others saw obstruction; they created new products to serve new markets; they acted while others watched.

Unlike many artists, though, our inductees survived and excelled in their markets because they were able to adapt to major changes in their fields. They took risks, but they did so while adhering to their company principles and the tried-and-true business practices that transcend market changes.

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Through acquisitions, product development and insight, Tiffen transitioned an optical filter company into one of the top photo and video product and accessory vendors in the country; Gary Brothers, along with the Schwabs at D&H Distributing, deftly moved with the trends in computing, consumer electronics and convergence to establish a strong national presence; the Rothman brothers of distributor M. Rothman constantly add new products to their line card to satisfy a broad range of dealers across the country; Dennis May led hhgregg through tremendous growth into new markets; Leon Temiz created a strong local brand with Electronics Expo through creative merchandising, store design and product mix; and Saul Robbins recognized and embraced new audio and video lines, successfully introducing innovative products to loyal customers.

Editor in chief of Dealerscope
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