2012 Hall of Fame: Jay Buchanan

Jay Buchanan, Electronics Division Director, Nebraska Furniture Mart

Buchanan also credits part of that success to his membership with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which he mines for networking opportunities and unique research.

“I found new colleagues in the membership ranks that are innovators, who understood customers, the business, and how to best solve problems,” said Buchanan, who is past vice chair of the Audio Video Retailer Division and current chair of the Retailer Council. “As I better understood the association, the more I gained.”

Buchanan is also known to give back as much as he has gained.

“It’s like he lives, sleeps and eats retail. He speaks retail and absorbs retail information like a sponge,” said Kerry Moyer, CEA senior director. “He even teaches the business of retail. Retail, for Jay, is not only a business it’s a science. Studies, numbers, facts…Jay’s my go-to guy.”

Buchanan is inquisitive by nature and always has his finger on the pulse of products, technologies and business practices. A desire to improve his already strong marketing skills spurred him to go back to school in mid-career for an M.B.A. in marketing and management sciences. He also credits several mentors, including his father, Russ, and Louie, Ron and Irv Blumkin, his three bosses during his NFM career, with having shaped his growth.

“At a time where retail is tough, Jay, with his team, continues to reinvent the sales floor to remain relevant and compelling to the consumer,” said Eric Bodley, vice president at Perfect Path, who has collaborated with Buchanan in the last 12 years on various CEA committees, including the Retailer Council. “He is spot on with his approach, not only in brick and mortar retailing but with his experience on where CE retailing has its roots, where it is presently, and where it is headed.” DS

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