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E-Gear Review: Blue Ant Supertooth II Hands-Free Speakerphone


October 2006 By Stephen Krasowski
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For those of you who’ve recently been involved in an automobile accident while using his or her cell phone and/or was issued a ticket for driving while using a cell phone (Fortunately, I’m not one of those people), you may want to check out Blue Ant’s new Supertooth II Bluetooth Portable Hands-Free device.

The unit comes packaged with both an in-car and at-home or office AC adapter. It takes approximately three hours to charge, and the charge lasts for days. After a week of use on one charge the battery was still going strong. In-car setup of the device was a snap. The unit comes packaged with two metal base plates that connect to your Supertooth via extremely powerful magnets that are imbedded into the unit itself. When I finally hooked the metal base plate onto my visor, it wouldn’t move an inch. I was really impressed by how the unit locked on so securely to my car visor. Worrying about whether or not the unit would slip off the visor was not an issue at all.

Before connecting and using your Supertooth, be aware that you’ll need to establish the correct Bluetooth Pairing Mode for your cell phone. There are a list of phones that are Supertooth-compatible and are listed in the unit’s user guide. Otherwise, you can also check your own phone’s user manual for directions on the setup. I didn’t have a problem, and it only took a minute to pair the unit up with my Nokia phone. Once I set it up, I was basically good to go. There is a swivel arm on the unit itself that opens to both 55 and 120 degrees. This arm not only turns the unit on, but is also your microphone and “Pick-up/Hang-up” button. Rejecting calls from people you don’t like was never easier!

Once I charged the unit and set everything up (which took all of 5 minutes), I called my girlfriend in order to test out the audio. Normally, listening to the sound of her voice is always a pleasure. However, it was even more of a pleasure since her voice was loud and clear and there was no distortion whatsoever. Unfortunately, she didn’t feel the same way on her end. She went on to explain that there was a continuous echo that became increasingly disturbing. She would hear me say something and then hear the echo a few seconds later. I proceeded to cut the call short and asked her to call me back once I had played around with the volume levels on the unit and on my cell phone. I decreased the volume on my cell phone to almost no volume at all and also decreased the volume on the Supertooth unit. She called me back and could hear me loud and clear. As little of an inconvenience that was, it was an inconvenience nonetheless. Any time my girlfriend’s voice is distorted in any way, I’m not a happy camper, but once I was able to get the volume levels down to a minimum, I changed my tune.

The Supertooth II really is an amazing device. With 20 hours talk time and 800 hours standby time in your car, home or office, there’ll be no slowing down in that face-paced life of yours. Voices heard are loud and clear and the unit’s small size makes it easy to fit comfortably in your pants pocket or even in the palm of your hand. I would definitely recommend this device to anyone, but especially to those of us with a car glove compartment full of tickets from being caught driving while talking on our cell phone. Using this device makes everyone happy. The cops are happy. The girlfriend is happy. All is good.

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Blue Ant SuperTooth II
Bluetooth Portable


Frequency: 2.4GHz

Weight: 133.3 g (without clip)

Noise cancelling pivoting
microphone arm

Digital Sound Processor (DSP)

Zero Installation costs

Built-in rechargeable Lithium
Ion battery

Up to 20 hours talk time and
800 hours standby

High performance speaker

Adjustable volume control

Fully portable

Bluetooth hands-free technology

Compatible with any
Bluetooth handset

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