Harary Returns With New Audio Brand

Industry veteran Eli Harary, formerly of Boston Acoustics, has reentered the business with a new luxury venture called AudioXperts, of which he is the president.

“By incorporating the finest materials, and applying the latest technologies, in sophisticated, flexible and intuitive designs, AudioXperts will deliver products that ensure an extraordinary user experience and unparalleled pride of ownership” Harary said as part of the announcement. “AudioXperts represents the culmination of my nearly four decades of love, passion and learning in this exciting field of entertainment. My goal is for AudioXperts to bring out products that allow people to enjoy the one art form that enriches everyone’s soul: Music!”

The team also includes director of engineering Mark Nazar, director of marketing Jeff Litcofsky and director of sales operations Marion “Chick” George.

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  • Moe Sabourin

    Is there contact info available for Eli Harary and the AudioXperts brand?

  • Moe Sabourin

    Is there contact information available for Mr. Harary and the AudioXperts brand?