Harman Debuts New Room Correction and Optimization System

Harman’s JBL Synthesis has announced the release of its new Version 2.7 ARCOS Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System. According to the company’s announcement, the system “offers a host of enhancements in performance and functionality to deliver better accuracy and flexibility in setting up a JBL Synthesis multichannel audio system.”

“The ARCOS v2.7 hardware and software package utilizes proprietary DSP algorithms and HARMAN-developed measurement and analysis techniques to achieve unparalleled frequency response correction and loudspeaker performance accuracy in any room,” the company said in its announcement.

“In all rooms, there are resonances or room modes that emphasize some frequencies and attenuate others, detracting from in-room frequency response accuracy. ARCOS v2.7 compensates for these irregularities more precisely than ever before and provides additional sonic optimization including new height-channel calibration capability, along with expanded system networking options.”

The system also reduces the seat-to-seat variation in the room, improves the blend between the main speakers and subwoofers and improve the quality of any JBL loudspeaker.

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