Health Insurance and the Small Business

Waiting for answers on health insurance coverage

(Editor’s Note: Ed Sachs has stepped away from writing the Sachs Report, but for the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be running “best of” editions in this space; a new newsletter will be launching soon in its place. In this column, from last fall, Ed talks about employers and health insurance:)

As hard as it may be for many of you to believe, I have not yet reached the age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare. A lot of that has to do with genetics and how youthful I still appear. After all, I was carded to buy an adult beverage as recently as 48 years ago.

The reason I bring this to your attention is that my family and I have just concluded the horrifying experience of finding health insurance coverage, at least until I am able to put my medical needs in the hands of the government. I now have even greater respect for the decision of my previous employer aggreeing to pay for my family’s health coverage until just last month.

Therefore, this week’s column is about small business and health care- examining who exactly is in control.

There is not an issue for either of my sons, for whom acquiring health care coverage is relatively easy, with reasonable rates to boot. I define reasonable as any premium that has only two or three digits and no commas before the decimal point. That is- if you consider that the son in college is afforded health care as a condition of his tuition that has five digits and one comma before the decimal. The problem centers on my wife and I. She looks much younger than even I, simply because she actually is much younger.

The benefit of having a small business is that it allows us to have guaranteed health coverage as long as we are willing to pay the premiums that have commas in them.

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  • http://MarcMeinnhardt Marc Meinnhardt

    Let’s say it’s 1974 in the consumer electronincs business, we still had fair trade laws. Let say most the producxtrs in the last twenty years has gone down in price and or increased in feature set no one could imagine.

    Heath care indutry in this country is protected by fair trade laws, or more to the point price fixewd. Costs have increased by over 190% in the twenty years. In addition, you can’t even shop for the best price!

    Gee that sounds like price fixing to me,

    Having the ability to “frame” the narrative has its responsiblities.

    Calling it Obamacare, well this was the right-wing idea back in the 90’s.

    Carefull what you wish for and who your friends are. I pay more for heath care than my hoiuse payments!