HealthSpot Forms New Partnerships, Unveils Telehealth Kiosk

Lisa Maughan, HealthSpot’s vice president of marketing, shows off the company’s new telehealth kiosk
New concept provides remote healthcare at select locations

The HealthSpot Station featured at CES is similar to the types of kiosks the company plans to locate at retail sites, such as grocery stores and pharmacies; hospital systems, such as urgent care facilities, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, specialist offices (dermatology, ENT); large businesses; rural areas; as well as military locations, college campuses, and nursing homes.

The 8-foot-by-5-foot kiosk includes a scale built into the floor that records weight. With the push of a button, the doctor can unlock small cabinets that hold digital medical devices that transmit information, audio/video and pictures through a secured connectivity FDA Medical Device Data System. A removable cuff captures blood pressure. An instant-read thermometer is behind one door. A dermascope provides a magnified view of rashes and skin conditions, as well as the back of the throat or eye. For earaches, the patient can slip an otoscope into the ear, allowing both doctor and patient to look at high-resolution images of the inside of the ear. The stethoscope transmits heart, lung and bowel sounds digitally. The pulse oximeter is used to take the patient’s pulse and monitor oxygen saturation of the blood.

The doctor is able to review medical information with the patient, discuss symptoms, diagnose and treat, and recommend follow-up care as appropriate. The doctor can capture, save and annotate the images with notes and share with the patient’s primary care physician, specialist, or for the patient’s own records. The HealthSpot Station, which complies with the HIPAA privacy and security requirements, will automatically create a complete electronic medical record of each visit, supporting continuity of care and collaboration among the healthcare providers, according to the company. With pilots currently in place in Ohio, HealthSpot Stations will begin rolling out in select locations this quarter.

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