hhgregg Readies “Brand Transformation”

hhgregg on Tuesday announced a facelift, meant to “better serve and engage customers and communities by providing a truly differentiated shopping and purchasing experience.”

Changes will include new tools for associates- featuring “white glove” delivery and other in-store services- as well as what hhgregg calls “omni-channel product evolution,” which includes partnerships with vendors to create “compelling in-store experiences.” hhgregg also plans more community engagement.

A new logo has also debuted, with new national TV commercials. The first has been released:

“Our brand transformation is the foundation for our differentiation from other retailers. By eliminating pain points that most often frustrate customers buying large appliances, electronics, furniture and similar items from big box and DIY retailers, we can help bring the joy back to making these purchases and create lifelong customers,” Dennis May, president and CEO of hhgregg, said as part of the announcement.

“Flawless execution and customer service before, during and after each purchase will be the focus of the entire organization. In addition, our supplier partners will play an important role in this transformation as we’ll work hand in hand to ensure that we’re presenting consumers with the newest technologies available.”

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  • William Matthies

    "better serve and engage customers" "providing a truly differentiated shopping and purchasing experience" "eliminating pain points that most often frustrate customers" "Flawless execution and customer service"

    Most promised transformative experiences begin with similar motherhood and in the CE business this is fairly typical language describing what retailers say they are about to do, implying what they are about to become. And I mean no disrespect to hhgreg or any retailer making similar promises. You have to start with macro before you can progress to micro. But soon after you must deliver and few ever do.

    What I’ve quoted, hopefully not out of context, sounds like the makings of a great vision statement. If so ideally that should be followed by equally well thought out strategy, which, in turn, will lead to the tactics necessary to make it all happen. I wish them well.