High-Res Audio Rules at CE Week

The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing combined to present a “High-Resolution Audio Experience” as part of CE Week NYC on Tuesday evening, June 24. Two floors of the Jungle City Studios were packed with press and vendors for the listening event, which showcased equipment, high-res recordings and the people who create both.

Among attendees was Sony Electronics president Mike Fasulo, who talked of the importance of getting Millennials’ “feet in the door” to experience high-res audio with enticements like Sony’s X9 wireless speaker or its MDR-1R headphones – or, for the TV viewer, the $1,299 HT-ST7 premium soundbar, which he said was #2 in dollar sales and #2 in volume sales for soundbars over $500. “We have a story to tell in premium audio and premium video,” he said. “And now that DEG and CEA have come out with a spec, it’s wonderful – a real positive.”

Also on hand was HDtracks’ Grammy-nominated composer, engineer and producer David Chesky, who showed off a mobile incarnation of high-res audio – the Sprint and HDtracks HTC One Harman Kardon Edition smartphone – with his co-founder and brother, Norman.

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  • DaveH

    Where can one look at the new spec issued by DEG and CEA?