Hot Seasonal Gadgets Touted at Line Shows

ABC News Technology Producer Andrea Smith unveiled a potent selection of electronics geared to the seasons of the year in a Seasonal Gadget Briefing at CEA Line Shows in New York on June 22.

Smith, who produces tech-oriented segments for ABC’s TV and radio news broadcasts, broke the collection into five categories.

Under the category “Waterproof Fun,” Smith showcased the following waterproof or water-resistant products:
• Kodak PlaySport Video Camera ($149)—This waterproof portable video camera has a sun filter, editing software, easy uploading capability, and also takes 5-megapixel photos.
• Sony DSC-TX5 Cyber Shot Camera ($350)—Besides having such advanced waterproof functionality that you can use its touchscreen underwater, this camera is also dust-proof, freeze-proof and drop-proof.
The category “The Great Outdoors” featured these outdoorsy products for camping and road travel:
• Eton American Red Cross FR360 Solarlink Weather Radio ($50)—A versatile radio that can pick up weather signals and other hard-to-get broadcasts, and, in addition to working on solar power, can be powered by its hand crank.
• CarMD 2100 Handheld Tester ($98), which you can plug into your car for instant updates on what may be wrong with your car, especially when “mystery alerts” start blinking.

“Music and Entertainment”, naturally, included gadgets geared to deliver the entertainment goods, including:
• Sonos Zone Player ($400), which enables you to send music to players throughout your home, and has a new iPad app.
• Monster Clarity HD Precision Micro Bluetooth Speaker ($120), which connects via Bluetooth to your cellphone, providing HD-quality music as well as speakerphone capability.

No discussion of seasonal gadgets would be complete without including the holiday season, which Smith covered in the category “Holiday Gift Ideas,” which featured:
• PlayStation Move ($50)—Smith predicted Sony’s new wii-like controllers, which come out in September, “will be huge for the holidays” this year.
• HP Touchsmart 300 ($800)—An all-in-one desktop computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse, built-in DVD drive, and touch-enabled screen.
• BlueAnt S4 Hands-Free Voice-Controlled Car Speakerphone ($100)—Especially good for driving in states with hands-free cell phone driving laws, this voice-activated speakerphone is, according to Smith, “the easiest set-up I’ve ever seen. … It will tell you who’s calling, read your text messages, and looks up 411 numbers and reads them to you.”

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