Huppin’s/OneCall is SVS’ First Retail Partner

Home audio manufacturer SVS announced Thursday that it has elected Huppin’s and OneCall as its first brick and mortar retail partner.

SVS will bring its products to OneCall’s greater Spokane, WA retail market, allowing in-store demonstrations of its subwoofer and speaker lines for the first time, and also reaching OneCall’s online shoppers.

“In a decade where specialty retailers are shuttering their business, Huppin’s has continued to expand and grow their business. Their reputation for excellent customer service is surpassed only by their customer satisfaction; and that’s the kind of company we want to do business with,” said SVS president and CEO Gary Yacoubian.

Huppin’s/OneCall president Murray Huppin added, “SVS’ approach to business is consistent with the ideals we’ve had at Huppin’s for over 100 years, and they will be a valuable, sought-after addition to our product line. Having just finished product training, our staff had a great time listening to and learning about the SVS line. This is going to be great partnership for both our companies.”

The two companies will partner for the release of the new SB-13-Ultra high-performance subwoofer.

“The SB13-Ultra subwoofer brings SVS’s lauded Ultra performance to a form factor that works in almost any room, and much like the Huppin’s partnership, will open our technology to a much wider audience,” said Yacoubian in the statement.

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  • Clarke Johnston

    Wow. As an owner of two SVS subwoofers, and a fan of Huppins since the mid-70’s (Sam himself some me a Harman Kardon 730 and JBL Century Speakers back then) this partnership is very exciting. Definitely a move away form SVS previously "Internet Direct" only business model. I wish this partnership success. For the consumer, being able to audition the SVS products in store will be a significant asset. Why you ask? Because any SVS sub, at it’s specific price point, will stomp the daylights out of a similarly priced product. With great drivers, new DSP amps, and rigid, scientifically based testing, SVS subwoofers are simply an unbeatable deal. Lesser subs best run for cover!