IFA Opening Press Conference: Online Distributing is Not a Threat

“I’m really convinced that dealers who are open-minded with these new products and new applications can convince the consumer there is a benefit, there is an added value for you. With these kinds of products you can make profit because the consumer is prepared to pay more for quality, ease of use, individual design and other aspects.” Dr. Hecker elaborated.

“It’s a special characteristic and requirement for the dealer to have the know-how, skills, the competence, and that he’s up-to-date with the new products. That he has the right presentation – not only of the products in any corner — presentation with the right applications and to convince the consumer ‘you can do this very easily, you can do that very easily.’

[The dealer] has to invest in his shop so that he can generate shopping pleasure. Then he can also enlarge his business with installation orders, with service orders. If a dealer enters the livingrooms of the customers then he has a chance to also look to other areas of his business, for example multi-room solutions, not only based on audio but also including video and so on.”

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