Industry Pays Tribute to Jack Wayman; Leave Your Own Here

Industry legend and longtime CEA executive Jack Wayman passed away over the holiday weekend, and since his death tributes have been rolling in from all over the industry. Our readers are welcome to share their tributes to Wayman in the comments to this post.

CEA’s Gary Shapiro: ““The consumer electronics industry has lost a legend and, more personally, I have lost a great friend and mentor,” said Shapiro. “Jack’s contributions to our association and our industry are numerous and momentous. We stand on his shoulders. From leading the creation of the association that eventually became CEA to founding the International CES to leading the fight for critical legislative and public policy victories that helped drive industry growth, Jack truly was one of the fathers of the contemporary CE industry.”

Dish president and CEO Joseph P. Clayton: “”As another former RCA man, it is indeed a sad day as we remember Jack. His enthusiasm and dogged determination built the industry we know today. Jack lives on in our hearts, as a showman, promoter, patriot, and friend. Jack brought people and companies together. He forged relationships, built alliances, and took a stand when he needed to. It’s hard to imagine CEA or CES without Jack, but thankfully his legacy is strong and enduring. We look ahead, grateful for his 65 years of dedicated service to the electronics industry.”

Voxx chairman and founder John Shalam (via CEA): “Jack Wayman was a legendary figure in the consumer electronics industry – a true visionary. He was a promoter by excellence. His contribution to our industry cannot be measured by ordinary yardsticks. Jack was always active, with a great sense of humor, and a down to earth humble presence. He has been a source of inspiration for so many of us. We will miss you Jack, and your presence will be remembered by all who knew you. Safe travels on your newest roadshow.”

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  • rheiblim

    Jack was a one of a kind, indefatigable salesman for the consumer electronics industry. He loved it and he was a friend to all in it. His ongoing and endless efforts are what we stand on the shoulders of today. I first met Jack in the early 1970s and enjoyed every interaction. He inspired me to try to make a difference, and I hope I have. I will miss you Jack.