Industry Remembers Reese Haggott

Reese Haggott, a longtime CE and 12 volt industry executive, passed away Oct. 29 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Haggott spent time at Pioneer, Alpine, Blaupunkt, Eclipse and other companies.

A group of Haggott’s friends and colleagues gathered Saturday in Torrance, Calif., to remember Haggott and share their thoughts and memories.

“It seemed as if the group was collectively hoping that if each of us as individuals could have just a small fraction of the positive impact on lives and business that Reese Haggott did we would be very proud,” Ray Windsor of German Maestro wrote in a letter to colleagues following the event.

Windsor added that Haggott’s former wife, Lori Jenkins, has requested that remembrances of Haggott be passed on to her email address,, from which point they will be shown to his children.

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