Inside Legrand’s Acquisition of NuVo

CR: Is there a great deal of overlap in terms of the numbers and kinds of dealers that Legrand and NuVo serve? How many dealers and what types of dealers will Legrand gain access to with the acquisition – and how many and what types of dealers will NuVo gain access to? Will your current dealer support structure remain intact?

Rodarte: Both Legrand and NuVo offer strong dealer and customer bases. NuVo Technologies contributes direct relationships with more than 1,000 Electronics Systems integrators. Likewise Legrand has an expansive network of dealers and distributors that cover the security and electrical markets with some overlap into the markets served by Electronics System Integrators.

CR: The announcement states the NuVo leadership team will remain in place. Will NuVo remain headquartered in Hebron, Kentucky? If not, are other employees beyond the NuVo leadership team being asked to transition to other locations?

Rodarte: NuVo will remain in the Hebron facility and there will be no immediate changes to the workforce or facilities as a result of this announcement. As our business grows, we anticipate additional growth within NuVo.

CR: What are the plans going forward to exhibit NuVo at any upcoming trade shows – and if so, will NuVo co-locate with other Legrand brands?

Rodarte: NuVo will continue to operate and sell products under the NuVo brand name and will be represented with a NuVo Suite at CES and a dedicated NuVo stand (#5-R86) at Integrated Systems Europe.

CR: What new product/technology projects that may have been in development during this acquisition period will NuVo continue to develop?

Rodarte: NuVo Technologies will continue to provide great products and service to its customers. In addition, NuVo will continue to use its expertise to define customer needs and deliver products and solutions to meet them, focusing on the launch of its highly anticipated new Wireless Audio System.

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