The Week in Electronics Retail Crime

Man Convicted in Best Buy Murder
A South Carolina man has been found guilty of the murder of another man outside a Best Buy in 2007. According to the Sun News newspaper, defendant Richard Niles was convicted of both murder and armed robbery in the death of James Salter. Niles was sentenced to 30 years; his girlfriend and co-defendent was acquitted of murder but convicted on the robbery charge and sentenced to 15 years.

Installers Catch Best Buy Thieves
Two Colorado men who stole $1,000 worth of car audio equipment from a local Best Buy were caught after police notified area car audio installers, who turned the men in. According to local TV station KRDO, when police arrived at Drive-In Auto Sound in Colorado Springs, one of the suspects attempted to flee but was tased and then arrested.

Northridge Players Will Stand Trial
Four men associated with the Cal State Northridge basketball team- including two players and the son of the team’s coach- will stand trial for stealing more than $6,000 worth of merchandise from a Best Buy in January. A judge ruled that there was sufficient evidence for the case to proceed. The Northridge team qualified for the NCAA tournament and will face second-seeded Memphis Thursday.

Apple Sued For “Exploding” iPod
An Ohio woman is suing Apple after her son’s iPod Touch “exploded” in his pants, causing second-degree burns. According to AppleInsider the suit, filed in the Southern District of Ohio, also names “10 anonymous John Does in the manufacturing, supply and sale chain”; the suit also erroneously calls the product the “iTouch.”

A Dog-Bites-Sales-Associate Story at Walmart

A woman in Texas has been arrested for both stealing a DVD recorder from a Walmart- and commanding a dog to bite an employee who accused her of the theft. According to the Waco Tribune, the woman took the $298 recorder and fled to her car, before a male accomplice commanded her dog to “get him”; the dog then bit the associate. The 30-year-old woman received a seven-year prison sentence.

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