Integrated Systems Europe Show Amsterdam: Day 2

ProPanel app

The Integrated Systems Europe is so much fun. It’s great to get a first hand look into the European market, and it’s also a vast show in which it’s easy to get lost with so many halls.

Tuesday, digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen unveiled new system integration hardware and innovative 3GSDI solutions for professional and broadcast applications.

The new Daisy Chain HD System is comprised of splitter and receiver units, all three work together to deliver 1080p full HD to up to 100 displays using one CAT-5 cable in a daisy chain concept. Individual displays can be mounted next to each other or up to 100 meters apart.

Gefen also had on hand 8×8, 16×16 and 32×32 Modular Matrixes. Each matrix frame can contain a mix of both DVI and DisplayPort input boards combined with DVI, ELR (Extra Long Range) and 1FO (Fiber Optic) output boards. Each matrix allows for customization of inputs and output boards in groups of eight. In addition other Gefen products at there are booth include the Gefen ToolBox Ultra HD Splitters, Gefen ToolBox Ultra HD Switchers/Matrixes, 3GSDI Audio Embedder/DeEmbedeer, the GefenPRO HDVI to 3GSDI Scaler, Three new KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) over LAN extenders, a new DisplayPort Extender and two new GefenPRO Modular Matrixes for HDMI.

Over at Pro Control, a division of Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), the company announced that the company’s popular ProPanel control app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is now available for the ProLink.r control processor. The ProPanel app provides users with convenient system control of the home environment. Already available for the ProLink.z, and now available for the ProLink.r, the ProPanel app will integrate either ProLink processor with Apple devices to control A/V systems, lights, music servers, shades, internet radio, door locks, and more

“The ProPanel app has become a very popular complementary solution to our product line-up, offering programming simplicity for dealers, and unmatched control for end users,” Mike Everett, general manager for Pro Control, said before the show. “The ProPanel app’s auto-programming feature provides exceptionally efficient set up. Dealers can completely customize the graphical user interface (GUI) via Pro Control Studio software to provide their customers with a personalized and unique control experience.”

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