Intel CEO Krzanich Spotlights New Innovations in CES Preshow Keynote

Only six months after taking on the role, recently appointed Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich dazzled CE industry press and CES attendees with his first-ever CES Preshow Keynote Address on Monday, Jan. 6 in Las Vegas.

“We are in the midst of a transition from a world of screens and devices to a world of immersive experiences,” said Krzanich, who devoted his address to presenting the multiple new immersive experiences his company is developing based on its core and emerging technologies.

“We’re going to show you revolutions in three areas: how we live, how we work and how we play,” he said. Starting with how we live, he focused on what he called “one of the most exciting areas of development – wearables.

“Why aren’t wearables everywhere?,” he asked, citing two reasons:

1) They don’t integrate all of the features we want

2) They’re not solving our problems.

“How do you fix that? Make everything smarter.”

He the presented Intel’s new Smart Earbuds, which combine audio and health/fitness tracking capabilities in one device, as they record pace, distance and heart rate with no chest strap, and draw power from a smartphone’s microphone jack.

Next, he showed the Smart Headset, nicknamed Jarvis, which provides hands-free engagement with calendar and planning info, complete with the voice of Jarvis asking questions and pointing out potential conflicts.

Both devices can be charged using the product Krzanich showed next, the Smart Charging Bowl. Users can simply drop their devices into the black bowl, which will wirelessly charge them.

Many companies have rolled out smart watches and Intel is throwing its hat into that increasingly competitive ring. The company’s Smart Watch has, according to Krzanich, “all of the features you’d expect,” but with no tethering and unique additions such as Smart geofencing, which gives parents the ability to remotely monitor another wearer, for example, showing where your child is at any time.

Krzanich announced the company is partnering with fashion giant Barney’s and CDA (the Council of Fashion Designers of America) to develop wearables that combine fashionable flair with Intel Smart technology.

The company isn’t stopping there in terms of Smart tech. Krzanich premiered Edison, which is essentially a tiny, 22n Dual Core PC that is smaller than an SD card. One use for Edison will be Intel’s Nursery 2.0, a system for new parents that links Edison to The Turtle, a sort-of Smart baby monitor, that provides visual cues on a Smart coffee cup to show if the baby is sleeping well and has a normal temperature.

With all of this new technology in play, security certainly could be a greater risk. “We want to being our award-winning mobile security to every device,” Krzanich said, and to do so, Intel, he announced, will offer it for free starting this year.

As for tablets, Intel has a new spin on that too. Its Windows 2 in 1 machine is a Windows Pc when you want it, and an Android tablet when you want that, all in one machine. It promises seamless switching between these two previously incompatible platforms.

Another partnership for Intel announced in the presentation was that between the company and animation giant Dreamworks. Jeffrey Katzenberger from that company made an appearance to speak of the synergy between Intel’s technology and Dreamworks’ films.

In the area of play, Krzanich demonstrated Scavenger Bot, a gaming character that was shown in a 3D environment scanned from a sandbox onstage. During this demo, it was shown how changes to the scanned environment impacted the game play in real time.

Krzanich also showed how Intel’s advances in this area could enhance storytelling, creating a 3D animation of a giant whale from the book Leviathan floating above the keynote audience!

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