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Meet Intoxalock

It isn’t a primary business, but it is a good fit for a lot of retailers

April 2013 By Brett Solomon

Mobile electronics retailers are always looking for ways to drive store traffic. But sometimes, an unexpected installation—just enough to keep a technician working—fits the bill. What if there was a mobile electronic product that sold for a flat rate, and used the skills of installation technicians?

Meet Intoxalock—a company that has been providing alcohol monitoring devices to qualified shops for the past two decades. Becoming an Intoxalock service center may quite fit nicely into your retail mix.

“There’s a high level of satisfaction that comes from knowing that we’re helping with such a critical public safety issue,” says Intoxalock CEO Dave Arringdale. “Fighting drunk driving through the application of our various technologies is important not only for the public at large,” he adds, “but also for the offender who can get back on the road safely and legally.”

The Intoxalock is a discreet, hand-held alcohol sensor that tests a driver’s breath to determine his or her blood alcohol content (BAC), and prohibits a vehicle from starting if the driver fails the test. The Intoxalock is primarily used by people who are legally required to have an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) because of a drunk-driving violation. However, more and more individuals and businesses are voluntarily installing the devices as a way of preventing a potential drunk driving arrest or tragedy.

Shelley Snyder is the marketing coordinator for Intoxalock; we asked her to explain the specifics of becoming a dealer. “We’re looking for potential service centers to demonstrate 12 volt skills, with certifications preferred,” she told us. “There should be a waiting area separate from any install bays. Additionally, insurance and a business license are required. Owners and installers may be subject to state background and driver’s license checks to verify a lack of DUIs or felony convictions.”
We then asked about how the program itself actually works. “The Intoxalock device is actually leased to the customer through our corporate office,” Snyder explained. “Our service centers do not sell the product. What they do is sell their service for the installation, recalibration (depending on state requirements), and de-installation of the equipment. A few states have set rates, however, mostly we try to keep an average rate throughout the country of around $80 per install.



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