It’s Heads Up at the Monster CES Press Conference

Head Monster Noel Lee, never one to shy away from the press.  

Head Monster Noel Lee kicked off the Monster CES press conference with all things headphone and an unprecedented lineup of celebrity brand advocates. Noel’s enthusiasm is infectious and his “Always Lead, Never Follow” mantra is as obvious this year as in the past. This year’s theme is Monster On Fire The Revolution Begins in 2013.

There were announcements about other products including three new active HDMI cables that are ISE certified, the PowerTap Family of rechargeable mobile products, and a new Nano-Tech formula for CleanTouch, but the real sizzle was all about Monster’s commitment to maintaining headphone leadership. Noel declared it as a real “Menage a Trois of Fashion, Entertainment/Sports and Technology.”

Monster has partnered with Nokia to produce a color matching line of phones and headphones entitled Purity Pro headphones. The matching phone/headphone colors can only be described as striking and vibrant.

Continuing on the quest of making consumer electronics part of high fashion, is the inclusion of supermodel Tyson Beckford as a brand spokesperson. Tyson said, “Monster is always fashion forward and I look forward to working with Noel and the Monster team to promote their commitment to fashion and technology.”

Working with fashion house Diesel, Monster is introducing 3 new futuristic VEKTR headphone models. The Diamond Tears brand is the number 1 unit quantity seller in headphones with musician Sheila E as the Monster advocate for Diamond Tears. “Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend and the Diamond Tears headphones are sure to get every girl noticed,” Sheila E said.

Continued Noel Lee, “We’ve worked really hard to make sure there our interchangeable headphones prove that there is a style for everyone and new for CES 2013 is the Inspiration headband collection.”

For travelers there is a collaboration with Tumi called Tumi Inspiration headphones for business travelers that includes the SuperSonic Monster audio performance with the look and feel of Tumi’s superb strength and craftsmanship.

The NCredible brand advocate is the entertainer/actor and founder of NCredible Entertainment, Nick Cannon, who said, “The NCredible brand represents youth empowerment. So young people can achieve anything they want …I wanted to represent the best of the best that’s affordable. We also have a strong relationship with Walmart as our retailer; Walmart has strong connections to the community.”

The sports connection was also apparent as a partnership with EA Sports with the MVP Carbon headphones was announced with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard as the Monster gaming advocate saying, “These are the undisputed headphone leaders and I’m excited to be a part of the Monster team!”

The iSport brand also has a revamp and new pricing at $99 and $69 and football’s Drew Brees was on hand to state that the correct headphones can be super motivational and even relaxing for an athlete. Another partnership was announced with Viacom proving that every year Monster brings out the heavy hitters in securing market dominance.

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