JVC Mobile Launches “Turn Me On: THE ROAD” Campaign Featuring Halestorm

Earlier this week, JVC Mobile Entertainment announced its 2012 Turn Me On: The Road/ Halestorm campaign to promote JVC In-Dash Multimedia and Navigation receivers. The documentary style viral-video campaign will feature rock act, Halestorm.

In 2008, JVC Mobile rethought its marketing strategy and created the “Turn Me On” series, which previously featured artists such as Pappa Roach, Buckcherry, Josh Todd, Lita Ford, and many more to collectively earn over 40 million combined online video views.

The fifth installment of the “rockumentary” series will follow Halestorm throughout their 2012 tour. It will be released in three different parts. The first, which was released on May 1 and featured on the JVC big screen in Times Square, includes behind the scenes footage, childhood musical aspirations, and their experiences in the band. The second part will be released in the summer months, and the series will conclude sometime in the fall.

In addition to the rock stars and entertainment, the viral-video campaign will incorporate interactions with JVC Mobile’s in-car technology.

“For our latest edition of the Turn Me On series, we wanted to break the mold and do something dramatically different,” said Chad Vogelsong, General Manager of Marketing for JVC Mobile Entertainment.

“This campaign is a raw, edgy, ‘behind-the-scenes rockumentary’-styled journey with the band Halestorm, on the road during their album launch and touring cycle in 2012. It shows the band creating and performing music on the road and creates the ‘TURN ME ON’ connection between music, driving and how it makes you feel as a music fan. JVC products and technology bring the same feeling in your car, regardless of whether you are rocking out to music on a CD, iPod, or streaming your favorite music App on your smartphone.”

The Turn Me On: The Road/Halestorm online viral video can be seen at the JVC Mobile website.

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