Klipsch Unveils Five New Speakers

Klipsch this week at the CInemaCon event unveiled five new speaker products.

The line includes the KPT-8000-M, KPT-8060-H (eight-inch subwoofers) and the KPT-1200-M, KPT 1260-H and KPT-1200-VBM (12-inch woofers).

With the rising desire for increased aesthetics in speakers visible to the audience, it is important that we continue to deliver our premium sound quality with attractive and elegant products,” Rob Standley, Regional Vice President of Klipsch Commercial Sales, said as part of the announcement.

“As a well-known brand in the minds of theater operators around the world, our new cinema surround speakers once again prove our unwavering dedication to remain innovative and deliver lifelike audio experiences designed to let audiences experience all the emotions the artists intended.”

The products will arrive in May; for more information visit Klipsch.com.

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