Control4 Unveils 2013 Lineup

Control4’s new keypad offerings

Control4’s Wireless Music Bridge and smartphone interface.

Launches new music experience, lighting solutions, commercial upgrades

Control4’s new products and technologies for the first half of this year include an enhanced music experience, a wireless streaming system, refreshed lighting solutions, an updated operating system and additional commercial offerings.

The top news at Control4’s global press conference, taking place during the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam, was the integration of TuneIn to OS 2.4 (both are expected to launch April 1). Through TuneIn, consumers can listen to more than 70,000 traditional and Internet radio stations from around the world.

The new Wireless Music Bridge ($345 MSRP, Q2 launch) is designed to stream music throughout the home via a smartphone tablet or computer. The system supports AirPlay, Bluetooth and DNLA.

Control4 developed a new interface that shows listings; filters choices based on genre, location and language; and allows each family member to listen to their own music in different zones of the house. The system also features time shifting.

On the lighting front, Control4 launched a new series of wired keypads and thePanelized Lighting Solution. Both designed for easier and faster integration, and feature one-touch control of entertainment, security and HVAC systems. The lighting solution is aimed at new construction and large renovations, as well as commercial applications.

The new Decora keypad comes with a customizable button kit. Dealers now just order one SKU, pop in the keycaps and create multi-button keypads of different configurations. Dealers can then personalize the functionality and design to suit their customers’ needs and lifestyles.

The new certified commercial drivers now support the KNX protocol and are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Panelized Lighting solution. OS 2.4 commercial features include:

– Access Agent, which limits unauthorized access through password protection.

– FieldServer driver, which supports HVAC systems through the FieldServer Technologies’ QuickServer Gateway. That enables automation access to Delta Controls, GE, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Mitsubishi, Rockwell and other thermostats over device networks.

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