LCD TV Shipments Seen Growing; Overall Shipments Flat

While no growth is expected in worldwide TV shipments this year, LCD TV shipments are expected to grow seven percent, driven by growing demand in emerging markets.

That’s according to numbers released Wednesday by NPD DisplaySearch, in its Quarterly Advanced Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report.

LCD TVs are expected to account for 88.5 percent of global TV shipments worldwide this year.

“Consumers are continuing to spend cautiously in developed regions, especially in countries with high rates of flat panel TV penetration, so price differences can have a strong impact and LCD is expected to continue narrowing the price gap with plasma,” Paul Gagnon, Director of North America TV Research for NPD DisplaySearch, said as part of the announcement.

“In addition, many brands are taking a more conservative approach, focusing on profits over volume at all costs, so the rate of price erosion is not expected to be as strong as in previous years, which may have some impact on demand.”

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